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Thank you for your interest in supporting CEF Central Orange County. The Most spiritually productive harvest field anywhere is among the children. Statistics show that the great majority of people who accept Christ do so as children between the ages of four and fourteen- years-old. We have been able to reach many children with the gospel this year just by doing our different ministries. During COVID lockdown when children could not go to school, church, family gatherings or community festivals CEF following God’s direction. We continued sharing the Gospel with the children via an online platform. While we are not physically visible in our "usual" places, CEF ® still has many expenses. We rely on gifts from faithful ministry partners to meet the ongoing financial needs. As a faith-based ministry, our financial policy is "Ask God and tell His people".

Will you prayerfully consider donating to CEF ® Central Orange County so we can continue to reach more children with the Gospel?

  • Support a Child
    For $10 per month you can support one child participating in a Good News Club. This includes all operational costs needed for training and resourcing volunteers.
  • Support a Good News Club
    For $200 per month (only $2.50 per child per week) you can support the ongoing work of a Good News Club to evangelize and disciple children.
  • Give Online
    You can give securely using our online donation form by clicking here.
  • Give by Mail
    To make a donation by check or money order, please send your gift to CEF Central Orange County (CEFCOC), P.O. Box 5912, Orange, CA 92863. Please make your gift payable to: CEF
  • Give by Text
    Simply send a text to (714) 880-8772 and you will be sent a link. Click on the link, then complete the steps for your donation to CED Central Orange County.
  • Give by Phone
    If you are considering supporting CEF on an ongoing basis, or would like to know more about estate planning opportunities please call our office at (714) 665-3341 to speak with the Director.
  • Give in Person
    You are always welcome to stop in at our office by appointment! Our office address is 18372 Lemon Drive East, Yorba Linda, CA 92886. Please click here for directions.

Thank you, and God bless you! As always, you should prayerfully consider supporting CEF only after your financial obligations to your local church have been fulfilled. Child Evangelism Fellowship is registered as a 501(c)s organization of the USA Internal Revenue Code. A tax deductible receipt is issued promptly for each contribution.